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Strategic Consultancy

Empower your organisation with our strategic advisory services. We offer expert guidance and insights tailored to the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical and health industries. With VZN, confidently navigate complexities and achieve your strategic goals.

Omnichannel Strategy & Implementation

Tailor-made for the Pharma, Life-Sciences and HealthCare industry, our omnichannel strategies ensure seamless patient and healthcare professional experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints. From crafting the strategy to implementing sophisticated digital channels, VZN stands as your expert partner.

Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation in healthcare with VZN. Our approach covers strategy, implementation, and essential change management, focusing on engagement, data security, and regulatory compliance to ensure your organisation leads in the digital era. As integrated members of your team, we ensure excellence and success in navigating the evolving digital landscape.

Technology Solutions & Integration

As an independent constant, we analyse, evaluate and optimise your tech infrastructure with confidence. Whether it’s streamlining and configuring you current systems, or integrating a new technologies, we ensure seamless alignment with your stakeholders and business units. Count on us to drive tech-powered excellence in your Pharma or healthcare organisation.

Analytics & Data Insights

Unlock the power of data in pharma and healthcare with our analytics services. From user data analysis to market trend insights, our approach enhances omnichannel strategies and informs decision-making, ensuring data-driven success in a complex Pharma and healthcare environment.

Change Management & Training

Strategy and Systems are only succesful if they are adapted and used by your teams. Our change management and training solutions empower your team to embrace transformation, adapt, and thrive. Our focus is on guiding transformation from within, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all markets.

Our partners strengthen our vision


Method combines expertise in cutting-edge digital marketing best practices and deep experience in medical communications to deliver highly effective, integrated communications solutions to support business objectives.


Digitalya is a top software development company based in Iasi. With over 52 worldwide web and mobile applications, Digitalya is a reliable tech partner with experience in healthcare, education and the life sciences industry.


OptInsight offers a single source of truth, which allows pharma companies to manage their HCP opt-ins/opt-outs and preferences on a country by country basis, according to regional/local laws and regulations.

With extensive audit-trail on individual level, the capability to differentiate in processing activities, the high degree of configurability and the possibility to connect (API) with internal applications and digital channels makes their solution easy to use.

Connecting and synchronising their platform with your available CRM, applications and channels to collect HCP data will lead to automatically updated HCP records without the need to do this manually. Once your personal HCP data is optimised and stored in the right way, you have a solid foundation to start your sustainable digital omni-channel engagement.

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