No matter where you are in your Health-Tech journey, we’ve got you covered with our range of digital implementation services. From helping you develop your digital roadmap to videos for your paid social campaigns.

Partnering with us means having an ROI-focused CMO and an innovative CTO (and their synergies) in your corner.

Your digital & technical partner

Explore our time-tested services to help you all along your challenging journey towards your Health-Tech product or service.

Make a difference in others’ lives - just like you have resolved to.

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Strategic Partnership

Our project and product management service helps you stay on track. While you steer your ship, we support by managing all your stakeholders.

Product Partnership

Time-to-market is crucial in HealthTech. Let’s get your MVP on the road ASAP by taking out all the guesswork and resource wastage.

Tech Partnership

We let you focus on the business - while we take care of the tech part. Figuring out the best tech stack, hosting platforms, systems, vendors etc. while managing resources, develierables and adhereing to timelines.

Design Partnership

Employing transformative 'design thinking', we go beyond aesthetics to create HealthTech solutions that drive behavior change. Our expertise in UI and UX is rooted in deeply understanding the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring functional, engaging, and user-centric experiences.

Marketing Partnership

No matter how great an idea, it can fall flat if it’s not discoverable. Borrowing from our expereince in Pharma, to develop strategies targetting HCPs and Patients, we’ll make sure that your HealthTech solution hits the market with a lasting bang.

Our advisors strengthen our vision

Our success is deeply anchored in the experties and guidance of our esteemed advisors. Each a distinguished expert in their respective fields—spanning business, Health-Tech, medicine, and technology—they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that strengthens and shapes our vision. Their insights ensure that our strategies and solutions are not only innovative but also grounded in real-world efficacy and relevance.

Cliff Wyatt

After nearly 40 years in medical science, international pharmaceuticals sales, marketing and global medical communications and building two successful small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Cliff continues within advisory, non-executive and other roles, sharing experience and practical advice to support Health-Tech and LifeScience start ups.


Karandeep Singh Badwal

Helping Medical Device Companies Achieve Regulatory Approval & Quality Compliance.
A crucial link between the industry and the general public; as their bridge of trust to ensure that the medical products that they use are of a high quality standard and meet every guideline there is. Karandeep works to ensure the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of medical devices to make sure that they reach the end consumer safely.


Dr Junaid Hussain

With 13 years expereince as a clinician in the UK and the Middle East, Dr Junaid continues to work as a GP, while providing digital health consultancy, assisting new start-ups in digital health and therapeutics.
Perfectly positioned to as a 'Fractional Chief Medical Officer' - he works to provide medical/clinical expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full time hire.  

Recently he's launched his own start up - Man Confidence.