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Bridging the strategy implementation gap

Our approach is simple: Collaborate with the non-technical teams to understand your needs, and work with the digital/technical delivery teams to optimise delivery.

So, whether you're leading omnichannel and marketing efforts in a global Pharma/Life Science organisation, or a Clinician venturing into the Health-Tech startup world, we're here to support you.

We don’t just help strategise - it's about turning your ambitious vision into a tangible, impactful reality.

1. Pharma focused services

Align your strategy teams with your delivery partners

2. Health-Tech focused services

Your idea into an MVP and beyond!

Envisioning excellence in Life Sciences & Health Care:
Mastering digital transformation, omnichannel strategy  and beyond. 🚀

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic consultancy services, tailored to drive your organisation forward.

Omnichannel Strategy & Implementation

Craft and implement omnichannel strategies that seamlessly connect your channels, providing customers with an exceptional experience.

Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation, as we guide you through strategic execution and change management to ensure your success in the digital era.

Technology Solutions & Integration

Streamline your operations and achieve tech-powered excellence with our technology solutions and integration.

Analytics & Data Insights

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and optimise your digital strategies with our analytics and data insights services.

Change Management & Training

Empower your team to navigate change and excel with our change management and training solutions.

Love from our happy clients

Tommyzee T
Information System Consultant
@ Moderna

"... has a knack for breaking down complex marketing jargon into understandable terms, making him a go-to person for both business and technical teams. His ability to work effortlessly with cross-functional teams is a testament to his strong interpersonal skills."

Sophia M
Director of Medical Ed. EMEAC
@ Moderna

"Hussain is a great digital partner who was a pleasure to work with and always understood our business needs and supported execution across multiple channels."

KV Nadella
Global IT Leadership
@ Global Pharma

"... His knowledge in international regulatory policies and ability to translate into functional requirements helped the project tremendously. His pharmaceutical experience combined with ability to communicate at different stakeholder levels will be an asset to any company."

Karthick P
Digital Operations Lead
@ Indegene

"... his prowess as a technical expert in solving problems and passionate enough to recommend business solution clearly stands out."

Nibha K
Senior Strategy Consultant
@ Advention Business Partners

"... His inclusive approach and willingness to share knowledge was instrumental in breaking down silos, allowing different departments to work seamlessly towards shared goals."

Michael S
Senior Client Partner
@ Inizio Engage XD

"... provides new solutions at every opportunity, not only with technicalskill but also with the ability to see past the problem and how it can help the end user in the best way possible!"

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